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Interesting Assassin Fanaticism Strat

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Joined: 08 Aug 2019
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PostPosted: 08 Aug, 2019 6:11    Post subject: Interesting Assassin Fanaticism Strat

Hey everybody,

I've been playing Belzebub on and off for about a month now and building up an assassin. While I tend to agree with other posters that the class needs some help (Translation: it sucks), I've recently discovered a pretty helpful strategy involving Fanaticism and the Maiden's Broach.

Currently at level 30 with a mana of 161, the cost of Fanaticism (4.6 mana), is offset by the mana restored on hit from the Maiden's Broach (around 4.8 mana, based on some really rough math). Basically, you get to use the skill for free as long as you have enough mana to originally cast it (and don't miss). So, if you can match the percentage of mana restored by the broach as you level up and the increasing cost of Fanaticism, then the skill essentially becomes your new basic attack.

Honestly, it doesn't make the class all that much better, but running around with 7 or 8 stacks is better than not having any at all. Sorry if something like this has been discussed already, but I've seen some posts about people scratching their heads about this class, and just thought it wouldn't hurt to share.
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Joined: 08 Sep 2014
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PostPosted: 09 Aug, 2019 4:38    Post subject:

Treat the Assassin as a murder frenzy until you have to retreat from a boss. Throw out stuns and attack with frenzy with the fastest weapon you can find. Health and mana leach are your friend until you can build critical damage bonuses.

Run when you have to and come back to stealth attack.
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Joined: 09 Jul 2019
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PostPosted: 13 Aug, 2019 0:36    Post subject:

The idea with turning fanaticism into a base attack with mana steal sounds very promissing. However, it sounds more like material for later in the game like Hell difficulty or Nightmare's Terror Domain where high tier equipment can drop and are enhanced even more by stronger magcal attribute effects.

I have an Assassin at Level 33 and I honestly didn't find much use for the 'Fanaticism' skill this early in the game. It's more a mana waste for regular enemies, while bosses killed me and my Golem too fast before 'Fanaticism' reached its full potential.

About the 'Assassin sucks' argumentation:
I got all melee classes (Assassin , Warrior , Barbarian) into late Nightmare and one thing became clear: As paradoxically as it sounds, the early Lvl 30's / Nightmare difficulty is the phase of the game that is dominated by spells. Assassin was the easiest and most fun to play as out the three since a fast casting speed combined with a Lvl 12+ Lightning takes care of almost everything for you. Stealth + Teleport worked in case of elemental immunities. Thanks to Hit and Run, the Assassin defeated bosses both Warrior and especially Barbarian currently are not capable of.
So I disagree with the opinion of the Assassin being bad, at least for Normal and Nightmare difficulty.
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