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NEW PLAYER GUIDES: Make it a Sticky post?

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Joined: 27 Jan 2018
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PostPosted: 27 Jan, 2018 8:29    Post subject: NEW PLAYER GUIDES: Make it a Sticky post?

Hi guys,

I finished Diablo 3 and I want to play all other Diablo games.

Now I want to play Diablo 1 with Belzebub HD mod, but I started to read everyone saying that the game is unbeatable, that you have to grind a lot, that the final boss is a bukka** of imps, a joke, etc. I hope you can understand me.


1) So I donīt know if I should play the original Diablo 1 without this mod, or if I should play Diablo 1 with another mod that only makes it HD but don`t add that extreme difficulty (exists?).

2) Which is the easiest character/build in this mod?

3) Which is the easiest character/build in the original Diablo 1 game?

4) I have also made the post, because as I see that a lot of people think that the mod is a challenge, I thought we can post here a guide for each character/build and make it sticky for helping people beat the game.

Hope someone write me something soon,

Kind regards.
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Joined: 01 Nov 2017
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PostPosted: 27 Jan, 2018 15:14    Post subject:


This mod is challenging but it's mostly in later difficulties. It really depends on the class.

I advise playing with the mod, it's a much better playing experience:

1 - You can move faster in town
2 - User interface is much better
3 - You can now use relevant skills
4 - Uniques are challenging and require tactics and the right gear
5 - Lots of items, some of them very powerful

Most enjoyable characters for me are the Sorceror and Rogue. Sorceror has it easy in the beginning but struggles a bit in Torment, requires good gear. Rogue is a bit weak in the beginning but it's a beast in Torment with the right bow. They are very easy to build because all points go to Magic and Dexterity, respectively.

Melee characters are OK in this game. In Normal difficulty you require high Armor Class to deal with the latest levels in the game. Other than that, it's easy.

Good luck !
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Joined: 30 Jan 2018
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PostPosted: 30 Jan, 2018 11:17    Post subject:

As someone who played the crap out of the original Diablo when it first came out, I'd suggest you give that a try first, assuming you find a modern computer to run it on. The whole game isn't long by today's standards, but more importantly will give you a real appreciation for the improvements in the new version. It's easy enough to beat without any help but if you ever do find yourself stuck or feel it's taking too long for the experiment there's about a decade's worth of internet full of hacks, exploits, tips and tricks to use; I want to say the world record for fastest run is around 19 minutes. It should take you maybe six or seven hours, I know I've beat the base game in less than a day. Shocked
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Joined: 02 Feb 2018
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PostPosted: 02 Feb, 2018 7:25    Post subject:

1. Play with the mod, without question.

2. Rogue/Sorc

3. Dont remember its been too long since I played straight vanilla Diablo.

4. Ya, its a good challenge, but rewarding too.

I'll give you a little rundown of how I have played the game so far...

I started as a Rogue, even putting early lvl points into magic and vit (big no no). I beat normal and moved onto nightmare mode, towards the end when I reached hell I was somewhat struggling. At this point I had a few nice pieces of gear for a mage so I rolled one and blasted through normal and nightmare mode with him, on hell mode I hit a brick wall in the caves when I ran into quad immune haste enchanted mobs. So I used my mage to farm lost treasure on hell mode and got Bow of the Dead to drop, not the best bow but way better than what my rogue was using. So I started playing the rogue again, beat nightmare, beat hell and am now working my way through torment mode. Honestly the rogue is a monster, I find myself teleporting into rooms blindly and just going nuts with multi shot and sightless eye in torment mode which has a stupid amount of monsters. Of course you have to be ready to teleport away in case you bump into a super charged mob. But I feel the rogue in particular has so many tools and skills to deal with the toughest of mobs. Im still using Bow of the Dead too sadly. My gear is not the best at all. My biggest complaint about the mod is the amount of gear that drops is too random, making it tough to gear up. And crafting to me has been completely useless.

As someone else mentioned the whole game is not too terribly long if you aiming to just beat Diablo on normal. But I feel thats where the game really begins, now you work through nightmare, hell and torment mode. In torment it takes me about an hour + to clear one level, but I also play a relaxed style and like to vacuum up all the gold/loot I see.
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