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Need advice on class building

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Milan Stark

Joined: 21 May 2017
Posts: 2

PostPosted: 21 May, 2017 17:43    Post subject: Need advice on class building

Hello I just found out about this mod yesterday, started playing it and already love it. Only problem is my old experiences with Diablo dont matter in it much, so I have hard time adjusting to this game.

My bigest problem is point alocation at leveling. Usualy when I played warrior (or monk in Hellfire) putting points in all 4 skills was good idea. Every stat had good things about it (Str for items and dmg, dex for chance to hit, magic for spells, vit for hit points). And even as Warrior i had most spells availble in game and some of them were key to stressless playing.

Now i did some research on how to build chars in this mod. And from what I can tell most advices are to put all points in 1 key stat. STR for warriors and barbs. Magic for mages. Dex for Assasssins and rogues. And put all in Vit for necromancer.

Is this really only viable option?
My problem is it seems kinda... uncreative^^ And not very fun. I mean playing warrior without any spells sucks big time. I learned few key ones without spending points in magic (Townportal, Heal) but for now it doesn't look like I ever have enough mana to use them. Advice is to put all points in STR for skills. But they cost mana to. And though mana points grow with lvls so does skill cost (and spellcost) therefore I dont think its possible to use skills much and build char around them anyway... or is it?

At any rate Can someone give some feedback on viable point alocation strategies? Is really putting all in 1 stat only way to fly? I could go with my guts and divide them but if it's pointles I will just waste time because this game seem harder now even without building character wrong way^^

Any good advices for beginer barbs/wariors? any chance of monk ever joining the ranks?^^
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Joined: 08 Sep 2014
Posts: 259

PostPosted: 21 May, 2017 18:20    Post subject:

Well, you are playing in the Belbezbub beta which in final production.

This half of the mod was designed mostly for quest and game play. Tchernobog in development now is working on the multi player programming structure and implementation of some bug fixes and user requests.

From my understanding, game stability for multiplayer over network is the current goal. Once MP is more fully debugged, the focus will turn to game balance. Game balance will include character revision, spell revision, item tweaking, and monster changes. That would be the answer to all of your questions.

In the end, there will not be a Tchernobog ot Belzebub, only Diablo 1 HD Mod release.

After that, we can only hope that new features and content may be added. Many people would love Hellfire maps and quests, there are still numerous quests and tasks from Diablo 1 that were never released and only a few implemented so far in this mod, some expansion of dungeon areas could happen, I personally would love to have a quest engine and game events, PVP arena, new spells to deal physical damage, add Monk class, add new graphics for Barb, Necro, and Assassin, ......

It may take a lifetime, but I will wait and if I have anything to offer I will when I am able.
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Milan Stark

Joined: 21 May 2017
Posts: 2

PostPosted: 22 May, 2017 8:44    Post subject:

It sound's cool. Would be great to play improved Diablo with friends since it was always my favourite part of the trilogy. I have to try to find few friends that think same thing and want to play it togetherXD

Is there any way to tell is it more likely to take a month or 2 or rather a year or 2 to play current bezlebub content on multi?

PS: I dreamed for a while about DIABLO HD version. Always thought is would be cool but aparently too much effort for Blizzard to actualy do it. And then I realised 1 guy did it in spare time and all it took to change everything was 32MB (and on top of improving graphics it improved hell of a lot of other content). Just goes to show us how lazy was Blizzard and how determined that 1 person Was.

I hope Blizzard will hear of this initiative and will officially distribute Diablo HD on it's virtual shop and share profits with the one who made this mod. I wouldn't mind paying for improved game.

And i don't think we even should call this mod. It's an expansion. Better than exelent hellfire or LoD.
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Joined: 23 Jul 2015
Posts: 138
Location: Russia, Saint-Petersburg

PostPosted: 22 May, 2017 10:32    Post subject:

Actually allocating all of your points into STR for warrior sucks. You only need as much as it is required to equip the best gear bases, I'd suggest putting other points into DEX. It will provide % hit chance, crit strike chance, flat damage increase and Armour Class increase, while STR only adds critical damage, flat damage and has mediocre scaling on your innate abilities. All in all, points distribution should result in 50/50 to STR/DEX for your warrior class. At the very high levels, where you'll have enough critical strike chance from gear, you might consider stopping investing into DEX and scale your innate abilities with STR a bit, but still, one cannot overestimate Armour Class for a melee character.

As far as magic goes, unfortunately, you're not very likely to use any at all with an exception of Town Portal. All your mana problems for attacks will be solved when you'll get mana leech on your items. Before that, you'll have to suffer and buy full mana potions to restore your pool of 70 mana. FeelsWarriorMan.
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Joined: 18 Jun 2017
Posts: 16

PostPosted: 18 Jun, 2017 4:11    Post subject:

This is my first play through and I consider myself a Diablo 1 veteran.

I'm playing as a warrior and I've focused all my stat points into magic so far. Honestly its been a blast and I'm starting to be almost too powerful. However in later difficulties ill probably be slammed. Goal was to play it my way, not how the game intended.

Honestly just play it the way you want, if you want to focus on spells as a warrior go for it! I wouldn't recommend this strategy with a Barbarian though, I mean you start with 0 magic. Ill probably try it someday though however l0l
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