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Joined: 31 Mar 2017
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PostPosted: 31 Mar, 2017 3:42    Post subject: Feedback

First of all, excellent mod; I am mostly in agreement with the changes made. Just terrific work, and pretty good job on balance too.

I am just going to comment in a random fashion (what would I have differently, what would I change...)

Map of the Stars: This is a bit of a disappointment. The best possible quest for this would be to travel to an alternate universe and face off all of Diablo's brothers (yes I know you have included most of them in quests, this is a good redundancy) the playground should be shaped in a triangle, and merely proximity should evoke the boss closesess (each boss has knockback) creating the easy possibility of having to face all 3 brothers at once; epic battle. Add a time trial + defeat of all three = super powerful random item, not to mention the drops from the bosses. Of course, the sane person will ditch this trial, and try to face each boss one at a time.

Secondly, weapon racks; wholly crap, that's wholly with W has the chance to get a magic item dropped, I mean I get normal items 95% of the time like holly crap.

Thirdly, loading potions in and out of inventory is extremely time consuming as you have to drag and drop, this is in reference the eltheritch shrine, this can be fixed by allowing a potion container in inventory but denying it in the quickslots. Im sure everyone would appreciate this change.

Fourthly, the barbarian skills are mostly worthless, it's scaled back way too much. I enter level 15 and before long I am bombarded by 75 charged bolts and 50 blood stars, with high resistance and shield, and the barb is chocking up like a puce, so I would make that first skill last 20 seconds, same recharge time, add faster hit recovery and faster block 1% per character level. This would make the barbarian more viable as I now am certain I have to ditch him. The fire skill should instead be a cold skill that slows down all surrounding immediate enemies by 10% up to 33% with level 50 character.

Haven't tried the sorcerer, but elemental drain should not be allowed to break the magic immunity, not sure if it can or not.

Lastly, this is a wishlist item, it would be neat if the barbarian and warrior had two sets of swappable equipment minus the armor logically. They are extra strong after all, and given that there are so many drops and they are somewhat disadvantaged with crowds, this would be a great help.

Dialogue for new map of the stars quest
Player picks up Sagittarius A tome and brings to deckard cain,
Deckard Cain: "It is said that the source of all evil in our world originates from Sagittarius A; the destroyer of worlds. There lies the spirits of the prime evils except for Diablo. It is said that in preparation for evil to reign on Earth, Baal made a copy of himself and his brothers; together they are the essence of all demons on earth. They must all be destroyed, but there is no hope and you will surely die. It is the final path on your journey, should you die that path will be closed. Should you succeed future evil will have weaker defenses. My life hangs in balance with this tome. Should you fail, I will kill you over and over. I know all magic, today is judgement day."

Either way, a glorious end with deckard cain or the prime evils.
The map of the stars is needed to open the portal.
The map of the stars can be stacked as to increase win chance within the given difficulty setting.
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Joined: 19 Nov 2016
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PostPosted: 01 Apr, 2017 12:01    Post subject:

Belzebub is a complete build, Tchernobog is in progress.

Yep, Weapon racks and armor, almost everytime a white item.

About potions, I like actual style, made less than "press X key 91837289371 times" and requires some management in the middle of fight, what is crazy kkk

Barb Fire Passive was replaced to Whrilwind in Tchernobog, a AoE damage skill - a good change. But Mortal Strike need be replaced be a "Leap with damage" or a Warcry (to be more coop thing).

Disadvantaged with crowds but the most strongests vs Super Uniques IMO.
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Joined: 31 Mar 2017
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PostPosted: 02 Apr, 2017 5:50    Post subject:

Thanks for the reply,

Went through a long sherade of wasted time to get Diablo to run on my system, when Tchernobog was supported natively on Windows 8.1 64 bit even with legacy application support removed. I hope all the quests have been ported.
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