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Awakening Builds by Obishedo

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PostPosted: 08 Aug, 2014 22:39    Post subject: Awakening Builds by Obishedo

Patch 6.8 in this month. Today i write my best characters build configuration in Awakening Mod. Ok start!

It is my favourite character in Awakening Mod. Is very strong, have fast block and critical damage!

HEAD: ofc Peruns Crown - give high AC, points to all attributes, many HP and mana points!
AMULET: Obsidian Talisman/Amulet of Zodiac - give high resists and points to all attributes
ARMOR: Awesome Primaeval Plate of Lion - highest AC, HP points
WEAPON: King's Sword of Haste! Why not Edge of God? Because KSoH give more Chance To Hit! Unfortunately i have only King's Hammer of Haste. In my opinion is better than Edge. CTH must be high f.e. in PvP!
RING 1: Obsidian Ring/Claw of Zodiac - resists, attributes
RING 2: Gold Ring of the Heavens - more CTH ofc and attributes
SHIELD: It is your choice. I use Awesome Shield of Tiger (28 AC, 145 % to AC and 41 hp). I like this shield because he give me high AC (68 AC!!!). But you can use for example Uniques Shield: Derisive Defender or Stormdefend.

Ofc you can use other items:
rings: Hussar's Ring, Wicked Ring - all give HP!!!
amulet: Adrius Medalion - HP!!!, Gold Amulet/Talisman of Heavens - CTH and all atributes!
Armors: Cathan Skin, Demonic Plate, Heroes Plate - HP, HP...

Amazing class. You can play as rogue and ... warrogue xD

HEAD: Peruns Crown - AC, all attributes, HP, mana. Ofc you can use Angelic Helm with extreme hp and all atributes
AMULET: Obsidian ... of Zodiac ofc. I prefer too Izual's Amulet and Flavia Talisman. Why? This amulets give Random Speed Arrows. When i shoot to enemy is chance that he give 2 or 3 shoot in one shoot xD
ARMOR: Awesome ... of Lion, ofc all armors with good HP!!! (Cathan Skin, Demonic Plate)
WEAPON: ofc with Fast Attack! Mysterious Bow and Eaglehorn rulez! Good alternative is Massive Bow of Swiftness but this bow is hard to find and don't give CTH. You believe me! At beginning players use Needler (give Fast Attack too).
RING 1: Obsidian ... of Zodiac xD - all attributes and ofc more resists
RING 2: Dragon's Ring/Claw of Zodiac - extreme mana points, when you want have more mana use Dragon's Ring/Claw of Wizardry
SHIELD: ofc not use, but when you play as Warrogue you can use shield for example Stormdefend and Edge of God etc. Smile

other items:
rings: Hussar's Ring is good option - HP at 60 to 100 points
armors: Necromancer Plate... why??? Infravision and Fast Hit Recovery!

Alternative crazy build is when you use Elemental's Mail and Elemental's Bow Smile Your rogue attack elemental skills (lightning and fire) but she don't have Fast Attack...

Mage use spells and must have high level this spells. He attack fire, lightning and magic... Sometimes monsters have immune fire, lightning and magic...

HEAD: It's only one choice - Necromancer Skull! Give +2 to spells!
AMULET: Inarius Talisman (+1 to spells), magic, mana
ARMOR: Necromancer Plate (+1 to spells), Infravision, Faster Hit Recovery. Second armor for mage is Iced Plate.
WEAPON: Naj's Might (+1 to spells), magic, mana!
RING 1: Iced Fist (+1 to spells)
RING 2: your choice... second Iced Fist, Wicked Ring, Osidian Claw/Ring of Wizardry
SHIELD: Derisive Defender or Vizjerei Defender

Of course sorceror can use 2-hand weapon: Aguinara Hatchet (+2 to spells)...

And that's all. I wait for your proposition my friend... May Force be with You!
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